Door Frame reinforcement Kit

Door frame reinforcement kit ( installs in minutes ): this product is a supreme security device when it comes to reinforcement of a wood door frame to help prevent kick ins. This device is fastened to the existing door frame of residential homes as a way to achieve maximum protection. The Door frame reinforcement is a 4 foot metal sleeve that is screwed into a destroyed wood frame to fix and reinforce the door jam. The most common use for this device is to repair a door frame that has been kicked in by an intruder. By this time you have already been broken into, and it is to late. The reason the ( metal ) door frame repair kit is most popular is because people do not usually think about door security until they have had a door kicked in. To help prevent break-ins & home invasions, a great security product to install on your door frames would be the door frame reinforcement kit. This kit is in most cases very easy to install by a home owner. In many cases the installation of the door frame reinforcement kit can take someone less than 10 minutes to install. This invasion protection device slaps right on top of the existing frame. The device is screwed to the frame with long screws that should reach the studs behind the existing frame. Its installation adds nearly 4 feet of customized steel strength to your existing door frame. It is powder coated white to match most home owner's trim colors or you can paint it to match your décor design. a safe door frame reinforcement for your home. this is a strike master of all This home security product will help spread the stress of a front door kick in over a 4 foot piece of metal that is anchored into the studs of your door frame, * not just screwed into the light weight door frame *

Door Frame reinforcement Kit
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